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VideoJogos 2011 - Conferência em Arte e Ciência de Video Jogos
por Luís Leite - Sexta, 18 Novembro 2011, 16:50
  videojogos 2011

the 4th Annual Conference on Art and Science of Videogames, Videojogos 2011, is right around the corner, and it is all about fun and games!

It will be 3 days, from December 2nd to December 4th, to make games, talk about games, exchange ideas with veterans of the game industry, research on new and innovative ways of putting fun in games, and have a good time playing games, at the Faculdade de Ciência da Universidade do Porto.

We'll start our engine with two workshops that include videogame development competitions: one for the Unreal Development Kit and another for XBox Kinect. But wait, there's a valuable prize for those who win the final round:

Microsoft will sponsor the XBox Game Development Competiton and the prize will be a XBox Kinect.
Playstation and Seed Studiosn will sponsor the UDK Game Development competition and theprize will be a Playstation 3 and the game Under Siege.
And if you are more a D&D person, you will be able to assist a Game Design Competition, and learn how to turn your ideas into simple rules to create a game. No fun on putting things into paper? Create the best idea and you'll win a pack mule of game design books.

If you have time, you will also be able to travel through time and space in a virtual reality experiment and even create your own digital puppet, which will obey all your commands...

But the best prize of the conference is available to all. Be a VideoJogos 2011 guild member, and you will get a upgrade on your XP by sharing the knowledge and experience of the game industry veterans, that will come to talk about their views and present exciting talks, which will, most certainly, be mind blowing.

They have travelled from far lands, with their backpacks of wisdom, and magic, which will make VideoJogos a unique and enlightenment experience.
Please see our book of rules (also know as brochure) or visit our portal at http://www.dcc.fc.up.pt/~videojogos2011/#program for more information.