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Experimental Animation Course
por Luís Leite - Sexta, 1 Junho 2012, 13:30
  experimental animation

Formação intensiva em animação experimental

Experimental Animation
Jeanne Stern
25 June to 13 July at Porto
Fee: 60€ to students/ 150€ to non-students

In this class students will create animated microcosms that have their own conceptual and material rules. Students will focus particularly on the representation of space in film and on visual motion, rather than on traditional narrative. In addition to learning animation techniques, students will learn about the theory and history of experimental animation and video installation.

In the first week, the class will produce group projects using novel techniques. They will construct a three-dimensional world out of paper; this installation will be used to create multiple short videos, including a stereoscopic (3D) slide show, and a moving camera piece. There will also be an exercise in “toy” animation using simple mechanical and optical devices.

Students will then work in pairs to create “worlds” of their own. These projects will be inspired by a variety of sources such as literature, maps, and botany. The pairs will work together to define the “rules” of their worlds, and to produce visual and motion studies. This work will culminate in a short film or video installation of their world.

Jeanne Stern creates surreal microcosms using animation and experimental puppetry techniques. Her work deals with themes of memory, duality, spatial illusion, gender, and play. It has shown in a variety of festivals and galleries including the Smithsonian, South by Southwest, PBS, San Diego Women’s Film Festival, “Y Que” at Landmark Arts, Orlando Museum of Art, and is currently on tour with Heather Henson’s traveling festival Handmade Puppet Dreams.

Jeanne received her MFA in Film production from the University of Texas at Austin, and her BA in Studio Art from Connecticut College. In 2008 she completed a residency and new media commission for the Connecticut College Arts & Technology Symposium, and in 2009 she was an artist-in-resident at the Elsewhere Elsewhere Artist Collective. She currently lives in Austin where she works as an animator and artist.

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