João Paulo Seara Cardoso was a portuguese master puppeteer.

He was a storyteller exploring motion to create emotion, using many puppet techniques and performing objects. João Paulo studied puppetry in Institut International de La Marionette and learned with another great masters like Jim Henson. Made many puppet television productions for Portuguese Television like A Árvore dos Patafúrdios

He funded the Teatro Marionetas do Porto in 1988 and kept alive puppetry traditions by performing with Teatro Dom Roberto.

I had the privilege to work and learn with him and his my inspiration for my thesis.



Jim Henson was an american puppeteer, probably the most famous in the world.

The creator of “The Muppets” developed puppetry for the television and film industry and pushed the technology beyond limits. Explored advanced puppet techniques in projects like the Fraggle Rock or Labyrinth. He was one of the first to use Virtual Marionettes.

Jim Henson is my inspiration for researching digital puppetry


Stephen Mottram is a british master puppeteer.

Specialized in string puppets, Mottram explores the detail of movement, he created and developed several methods for manipulation using interesting puppet mechanics.



Jordi Bertrán is a spanish master puppeteer.

He funded his company in 1987



Always searching for novel approaches. Philippe Genty Puppetry explores the expressiveness of performing objects to create mental images in the audience. Philippe Genty funded in 1968 the Philippe Genty Company.


Michael Meschke his a poet with puppets.

Gives life to puppets since 1958 with the Marionetteatren.

A great master which i had the privilege to meet and learn.


Ubu roi is an incredible creation mixing actors with puppets in a very particular way.

Puppets are made with a bidimentional flat  paper contrasting with the tridimensional volume of the actor.