Common Spaces performance at Maus Hábitos

Common Spaces performance on ELO (Electronic Literature Organization) Conference in the 18th of July in Maus Hábitos – Porto.

Common Spaces rehearsal

After Gato Vadio in Porto, Salão Brasil in Coimbra, Conde Duque in Madrid, we return to Porto for a new performance.

Common Spaces was performed by members of the Retroescavadora: Rui Torres, Luís Aly, Luís Leite (Grifu), Nuno M.

Common Spaces is an experimental performance that translates spatial poetry into a multidisciplinary collaborative environment that gathers the physical and the virtual spaces. This performance mixes in realtime distinct types of media in a sort of multi-modal orchestrate. A multi-sensorial performance based on our hand gestures (Leap Motion), vision (camera) and voice (microphone).
The common-space derives from the notion of common ground as the medium and the process of communication. It can be understood as a mutual understanding among interactors – as the iterative process of conversation for exchanging evidences between communicators – as an interface.


Electronic Literature Organization brought to Porto the state of the art of the field. The Conference was hosted by University Fernando Pessoa, and the Festival and Exhibits were held in the center of the historic city.




Rui Torres, Luis Ali, Luis Grifu performing at Conde Duque in Madrid (Retroescavadora)

Rui Torres, Luis Aly, Luis Grifu performing at Conde Duque in Madrid (Retroescavadora)

Retroescavadora (Rui Torres, Luis Aly, Luis Grifu) performed with Untitled at Conde Duque in Madrid last 19th of April. The Untitled performance is an experimental multimodal multimedia live performance of the POEX arquive where moving image, sound and manipulation are inter-connected in a real-time dialog.

Retroescavadora at Conde Duque (Madrid)

Rui Torres performing at Conde Duque in Madrid (Untitled performance from Retroescavadora – Rui Torres, Luis Aly, Luis Grifu)

Retroescavadora was invited to be a part of a Poetry recital seeking new languages behind the technologies “La palabra en las periferias de la tecnología”. This session gathered Kònic Thtr (España), Retroescavadora (Portugal), Jörg Piringer (Austria) y Bell Dome (Brasil/Alemania).


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Conde Duque Madrid


Untitled Performance

Untitled Performance


Untitled Anarchive is an experimental multimodal multimedia live performance of the POEX arquive. The Digital Arquive of Portuguese Experimental Literature was performed live at Salão Brazil on the 4th of February by members of Retroescavadora (Rui Torres, Luís Aly, and Luís Grifu) and their invited guests (Bruno Ministro and Sandra Guerreiro).

frames from Untitled archive at Salão Brazil Coimbra

This collaborative intervention explores new approaches to experimental literature mixing media and manipulation techniques, in a interactive environment that offers a common space for a dialog between the inter-actors.

Common spaces poster was available during the 2 days of the 1st Joint Conference and Exhibition of the International Partnerships. I have the opportunity to demonstrate the framework of Common Spaces during the conference with a simple setup.


This conference highlights the Portugal-U.S. partnerships. A joint conference and exhibition on fostering science and innovation, a showcase activities and outcomes of the international partnerships with Portugal.


common spaces at 1st Joint Conference and Exhibition of the International Partnerships


A Multimodal digital Ecosystem developed for live performances.

A solution for real-time virtual object manipulation, for show control, and for video routing.

for more information about the performance and the POEX project:

When you develop contents for live performances relying one just one application you might come across some difficulties in creating specific effects witch are easy to create with other tools.
You might find yourself asking, why can I use multiple applications in a live performance ?
In general the problem relies on how to handle all the video outputs from the different applications without having to switch outputs during the performance and how to control them in a seamless away.

This framework integrates multiple applications sharing one output providing a simple solution to interact and handle data, video and sound. A flexible remote control system that provides scalability and provides the right path for creators to go beyond application limits. It can even handles application crashes because the output is independent from the applications.

Eco-System features
– Shared output
– Shared control
– Flexible remote control
– Scalable data-flow to connect video, audio, and data

This eco-system was developed for the “Untitled” POEX live performance
For this performance we choose to work only with free applications.
Pure Data ( a visual programming environment, using chdh Egrégore ( an audiovisual instruments interaction environment developed for the egregore performance. The series of patches provides us with a particle system for the creation of an audio visual organic life that would represent the placenta.
Unity ( gave us the right environment for simulating a physical space where the hands of the performer could interact with virtual objects. But Unity does not handle very well typography animation.
Emotion ( A real-time animation environment that presents many interesting features for text animation.

Working on a macbook retina 2.4 i5.
NOTE: there is some performance issues during the video capture because further then all the eco-system running I had to open a camera and capture the screen. The sound from this video was not made during the simulation.