Virtual Marionette is a PhD research that extends my previous studies published in the Master’s thesis “Marionetas Virtuais”.

This page shows an overview of the work made by me before the PhD

WebATIC V01 – The first Web site for work in progress like this one, with a blog (diary)
WebATIC V02 – The second Web site was build for opening and presenting the project to the entire world wide web community, supporting Portuguese and English languages.

This research began at 2004 with a similar project:

2004 – CBS | CARTOON BROADCAST SYSTEM: A real-time animation system for television.
This was the first project presented for the Masters in Multimedia at FEUP.
CBS.ZIP – Windows Prototype for download
CBS_APRESENTA.ZIP – Windows application with the presentation of CBS.

2006 – Animatic v0.1 |Digital Marionettes: Real-time animation with puppets.
New approach based on marionettes. The first prototype was just a rag-doll test with springs.
Animatic_v0.1 – ONLINE demo (shockwave player needed) build with Macromedia Director

2007 – Building and testing, releasing several versions, now using strings and a virtual controller.
Animatic_v0.4 – ON-LINE demo (shockwave player needed) build with Macromedia Director

2008 – Animatic final prototype. A Web and Desktop 3D application with physics (dynamics) for real-time animation of a virtual marionette with several interfaces (mouse, keyboard, game-pad, microphone) with a build in face animation for real-time lip-sync. – Windows Version: Full unlimited version (prototype) – Mac Version: A limited release| Without support for game-pad
animatic_v08_internet.htm – Web Version: Very limited release | Just with mouse and keyboard support

2008 – Virtual Marionette Publication for Masters in Multimedia at FEUP – Nuno Correira as arguer
Marionetas_Virtuais.pdf – Master Thesis in Multimedia Technology at Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (repositório aberto FEUP)(

2009 – New Animatic release with wiimote support for interacting with the marionette. At this time there was a great effort for building a multi-touch system in Director for interaction with the marionette using the Myrion Xtra. – Windows Version: Full unlimited version (prototype) supporting the WIIMOTE
animatic_v10a03_NET.html – Web Version: Very limited release | Just with mouse and keyboard support

2010 – The project was adapted for the PhD program with a new direction